There has never been a more exciting time to be a student at LSU Shreveport. Our team is proud to offer our students a dynamic and supportive environment. We believe that our staff and facilities reflect our commitment to a vibrant academic student experience. Our living and learning community is designed to help you experiment, explore, and discover skill and interest beyond the classroom. Put simply, Pilots Pointe is an amazing place to live, study, and make new friends.
Pilots Pointe is just steps away from classes on the LSU S campus. Additionally, the campus’ close proximity to shopping, entertainment, and dining makes living on campus one of the greatest benefits. Our Housing Team, comprised of both professional and student staff, is on hand throughout your entire time as a student to provide advice, guidance, and support.
We are truly excited that you will be calling Pilots Pointe home this fall! Should you have any questions, please contact us.

Move-In Day & COVID-19

Due to the complexity of COVID-19 and in effort to ensure the safety of our Residents and Team, we have developed a new process for Move-In Day 2020. This process includes minimized contact, additional sanitation, and staggered move-in days. We will be following the guidelines from the CDC, state, and local health authorities.



To expedite your move-in process, make sure you have paid your first installment and have proof of renter’s insurance.

Paying Your First Installment

Please pay before 8/1/2020. Your first installment must be paid in full prior to move-in, before you can receive your apartment keys. Paying online is quick and easy!

  1. Go to Resident Login
  2. Click “New user? Get started now.”
  3. Select your unit & bedroom letter.
  4. Input first, last name and email address.
  5. Click “Continue.”
  6. Click “e-check” to pay by checking or saving account at no cost.
  7. Submit payment

Online with a debit or credit card

Getting Renter’s Insurance

While you get ready to move in, don’t forget to purchase a renter’s insurance policy. We’ve made it easy to get the coverage we require by partnering with Cocoon. Their low monthly rates and excellent customer service means you can count on them to protect your new place and your personal belongings.

Getting covered is easy. Submit your email address and we’ll get you started — no credit check, no lengthy questionnaires. Cocoon automatically sends us proof of coverage, so you can focus on unwinding in your new place.

Resident Liability

Covers up to $100,000 in damages to the property

Personal Property

Covers up to $3,000 for damages/loss of your personal stuff ($100 deductible)

Full Coverage

Personal Property

Covers up to $3,000 for damages/loss of your personal stuff ($100 deductible)

Resident Liability

Covers up to $100,000 in damages to the property






Pilots Pointe does not provide storage for residents. This means everything your bring with you on move-in day (including suitcases, packing crates, ect.) will have to be stored in your room. We recommend that your parents/guardians take additional items such as packing crates and boxes back home with them.


Please review the Student Handbook. It will answer many questions about the facility you will be living in as well as policies that apply. Students are expected to be familiar with the Handbook and the policies that govern living on campus. You will not be given a copy of the handbook but you can request a copy at any time. Please also keep in mind that a mandatory meeting will be held the first week of classes and will review the polices and regulations.


Please refer to the Pilots Pointe handbook regarding what is permissible in terms of personalizing your space on campus. In general, nothing that permanently alters the space is permitted.


  • Never borrow anything unless you ask permission first. Don’t borrow items like shampoo with the hopes that they won’t notice.
  • When you do have permission, be careful and conscientious to not break anything.
  • If you and your roommate have a cleaning schedule, take it upon yourself to complete your tasks and don’t wait to be reminded.
  • Respect each other’s independence. Being a good roommate does not mean agreeing with everything your roommate suggests or does, nor does it mean doing everything together.
  • Try to have good manners. For example, when your roommate is doing homework or talking on the phone, don’t blast your music.
  • Be civil with each other. There’s no need to scream or yell to get a point across.
  • Be gentle. Don’t use your roommate as your frustration punching bag. Take it easy! Breathe!
  • Be willing to compromise, but don’t let yourself get walked on. Each roommate should work together to find a solution.
  • Take time. If you both have busy schedules, try to set aside time every week just to talk about how things are going.
  • Be honest about your feelings. Discuss your likes and dislikes. Express yourself but be sure to listen as well. Be flexible with yourself and with others.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism. Don’t be defensive. Try to listen open-mindedly.
  • Be compassionate. Your roommate may not be used to living with a roommate. Understand each other and be supportive.
  • Discuss new approaches and ways in which you and your roommate can comfortably coexist.